Chatsworth Gallery Room 19

Artist: Dena M. Fuss

Dena Fuss is originally from England and emigrated to Canada. She is a member of the Leighton Foundation. This foundation was formed by A.C. Leighton, an Englishman, and it has been donated as a charitable foundation for artists to work from and display their artwork. It is set on 20 acres of rolling countryside with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. Dena has exhibited at both the Foundation and the Glenbow Art Museum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her artwork is bold and colourful and she enjoys painting subjects she is passionate about. From her travels around the world comes her inspiration to paint charming scenes which include heritage buildings. Favourite mediums to work with are watercolours, acrylics, and more recently
fresco panels.

Portrayed in this room are a few samples of her work. Please e-mail us for further information. Watch this page ... more pictures will be featured here soon.

You can purchase any of the paintings displayed here. Just e-mail us with the details given on the information for buyers page. All paintings are originals and are sold as seen and without frames. Please note that prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include the cost of posting, packing, customs charges and insurance.

1. "The Blue Door".

Medium: Watercolour. 

Size: 11 x 14ins.

Price: C$75.

                  2. "Tea for Three".

                  Medium:  Watercolour.

                  Size is: 11 x 14ins.

                  Price: CS$75.

3.  "Valpolicella".

Medium: Acrylic. 

Size: 11 x 14ins.

Price: CS$125

                  4.  "Celebration".

                  Medium:  Acrylic.

                  Size is: 24 x 30ins.

                  Price: C$185.

5. "Patio Nights". 

Medium: Acrylic.

Size: 16 x 20ins.

Price: C$150.

                            6.  "Shutters".

                            Medium:  Acrylic.

                            Size is:  23 x 27ins.
                            Price: C$175.

Please note that every effort has been made to provide a true representation of these fine paintings. However, due to the electronic coping technique used colours and hues may differ slightly from the Originals.

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