Chatsworth Gallery Room 20

Artist: Drasko Klikovac

All paintings are sold with frames.

Portrayed in this room are a few samples of his work. Please e-mail us for further information. Watch this page ... more pictures will be featured here soon.

You can purchase any of the paintings displayed here. Just e-mail us with the details given on the information for buyers page. All paintings are originals and are sold as seen. Please note that prices are in US dollars and do not include the cost of posting, packing, customs charges and insurance.

1. “Time machine”
Medium: Oil on wood.    

Size: 91 x 63cm (36 x 25)". 

Price: 9.360,00 US$.

                  2. “The Bird No.1”

                     Medium:  Lead pencil. 

                     Size is:  30 x 42cm (12 x 17)". 

                     Price: 1.300,00 US$.

3. “The Bird No.2”

Medium: Lead pencil.    

Size: 30 x 42cm (12 x 17)". 

Price: 1.300,00 US$.

                     4. “The Bird No.3”

                     Medium:  Lead pencil. 

                     Size is:  30 x 42cm (12 x 17)". 

                     Price: 1.300,00 US$.

5.  “The Blast”  

Medium: Oil on canvas.    

Size: 93 x 62cm (37 x 24)". 

Price: 8.550,00 US$.

                   6.  “Still Life”. 

                     Medium:  Oil on canvas. 

                     Size is:  53 x 72cm (21 x 28)". 

                     Price: 5.750,00 US$.

7. “Mr.Grandeo’s Psycho Therapy”  

Medium: Oil on canvas. 

Size: 36 x 49cm (14 x 19)". 

Price: 8.750,00 US$

                              8.  “Beneath The Sun” 

                                   Medium:  Crayon. 

                              Size is:  36 x 49cm(14x19)".

                                   Price: 1.800,00 US$. 

9. “Vogue”  

Medium: Crayon. 

Size: 64 x 48cm (25 x 19)". 

Price: 2.300,00 US$. 

             10.  “Smoking”

              Medium: Crayon.  

              Size is: 55 x 75cm (22 x 30)". 

              Price: 2.500,00 US$.

11. “The Dog” 

Medium: Crayon. 

Size: 53 x 73cm (21 x 29)". 

Price: 2.500,00 US$.

            12.  “Baby Behave Yourself”

              Medium: Oil on canvas. 

              Size is: 97 x 131cm (38 x 52)". 

              Price: 9.500,00 US$.

Please note that every effort has been made to provide a true representation of these fine paintings. However, due to the electronic coping technique used colours and hues may differ slightly from the originals.

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