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Artist: Lendita Zeqiraj

Portrayed in this room are a few samples of her work. Please e-mail us for further information. Watch this page ... more pictures will be featured here soon.

You can purchase any of the paintings displayed here. Just e-mail us with the details given on the information for buyers page. All paintings are originals and are sold as seen. Please note that prices are in US dollars and do not include the cost of posting, packing, customs charges and insurance. Cheques accepted only in US currency. All paintings are sold without frames unless otherwise stated.

The Biography:

Lendita Zeqiraj was born on February  13th 1972 in Prishtina (Kosova). She became a student of painting in the year 1990. In the year 1994 she graduated in the class of Prof. Rexhep Ferri. On June 1997, 25 year old Lendita finished her postgraduate studies achieving the average mark 10 (ten, where the 10 is highest). Miss Zeqiraj was the first woman in Kosova to became the Master  Degree of Painting at this early age. She had a few of individual exhibitions (about 20), and she took part in many other collective exhibitions in Kosova and abroad. Miss Zeqiraj is editor of first magazine in Kosova, specialised for Art and Culture, named “n’Art”. Presently she lives and creates in Prishtina.

About Her  Work:

"Mostly I work using the oil/canvas technique, however I use other techniques as well: pastel, watercolour and the combined technique.

During my career, there were many periods I went through which I now call experimental periods. As any beginner would do, during the first phase, I worked in realism. During the studies, I’ve went through many different phases, e.g.: the phase of warm colours, the brown phase, the white and black phase, which I consider to be the most successful experimental phase of mine with “The Conductor” and “The Violinist” as the most successful works of the phase. Afterwards, I went through the expressive phase (I call it this because it was when expressionist painters indirectly influenced my work). My most successful works of the expressive phase are “Loser” and “The Opera Woman”. Then there was the phase when I got my inspiration from around-the-world painters, but always keeping my original style undamaged. The most successful painting of this phase were “Professor G.” and “Portrait #1”. Then I went through a couple of phases that I cannot differentiate nor isolate.

Sometime during the experimental phase, the painted canvases began in a discrete way to show more blue colour in them. It was then, when my blue phase began. During this time I worked on the cycle “The Forgotten Man”. This was the period of the cold colour, as for now I am going through a phase where the warm colour nuances are driven into canvases where the blue colour nuances dominate.

The motive in my work throughout my career has remained the same. The human’s psychological moment, his state of mind and the range of feelings in a moment were and still are things that preoccupy my mind. The human being is the motive I chose for my paintings, because through it I could analyse feelings and express all kinds of dilemmas that always went through my mind. I try to take something from the everyday life and give it a figurative meaning. Every human has its story. Its story is the everyday life, the dream, the fantasy, the moment… It is a soundless war between fantasy and everyday life. This human being stands stretched down, standing up, near the window, leaning on its arms, leaning on its dreams, behind the curtain, behind its life.

 I try to express my inner space with the help of few drawn lines, which I consider to be nobody else’s but mine."


                              1. “Figure # 1”.  

                              Medium:  Oil on canvas.  

                              Size is:  88 x 72cm.   

                              Price: US$4,400.  

2. “Figure # 9”.   
Medium: Combined technique/paper.      

Size: 101 x 71cm.   

Price: US$1,260

                                 3. “The Violinist”.   

                                 Medium:  Oil / paper.   

                                 Size is:  35 x 24cm.     

                                 Price: US$600.

4. “The Cry”   

Medium:  Oil on canvas.      

Size: 120 x 90cm.   

Price: US$11,300.

                           5. “Upon the Justified Kill”.   

                        Medium:  Oil on paper.  

                        Size is:  101 x 71cm.    

                        Price: US$1220.

6.  “Beyond the Rainbow".  

Medium: Combined technique / paper.   

Size: 69 x 46cm.   

Price: US$600.  

                             7.  “Power of Goodbye”.   

                             Medium: Oil / canvas.    

                             Size is:  120 x 90cm.    

                             Price: US$10,050. 

8. “The Pianist”.  

Medium: Oil / canvas.   

Size: 100 x 70cm.   

Price: US$5,700.

                              9.  “Relaxation”.  

                              Medium:  Oil / canvas.    

                              Size is:  120 x 90cm.   

                              Price: US$1,200 . 

10. “Silence”.  

Medium: Oil / canvas.   

Size: 120 x 90cm. 

Price: US$10,050. 

       11.  “Sleeping Ballerina”.   

       Medium: Combined technique / paper.    

       Size is: 101 x 71cm.   

       Price: US$3,000.  

12. “Leaving the Town”.  

Medium: Oil / paper.  

Size: 72 x 51cm. 

Price: US$1,600. 

Please note that every effort has been made to provide a true representation of these fine paintings. However, due to the electronic coping technique used colours and hues may differ slightly from the originals.

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